Tuesday, November 20, 2007

design tuesdays 1

Last night I realized that for being an interior designer planning a wedding I dont post enough about a) interior design or b) weddings. So thats my new goal- design on Tuesdays and weddings on Wednesdays, just to prove that I do more than shop online for fabulous things haha. So design today...the first thing that came to mind as one of my favorite unique materials is a Pollack textile called "A touch of the bubbly" (mmm bubbly...). I wish you could see this in an application, or even the sample because the photo doesn't do it justice. The dots are raised and it has such a cool texture. Second I thought I should post the piece of furniture that I find myself drooling over most often. The Florence Knoll Lounge collection (from KnollStudio) is a classic group of seating done in 1954 by Florence Knoll. Its just so perfect and simple. This is a photo of the lounge chair, the website also has a beautiful photo of a sofa done in white leather. Enjoy!

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