Monday, November 5, 2007

new favorite blog!

Well thats a lie, I have quite a few favorites that I frequent - but this is a new one! Modish describes itself as being for the "the independent craftsperson, designer, shopper, creator and artist ...goods that are made by hand, created with attention and intention." It's linked to Modishoppe, where you can find the most fabulous collection of items I've seen in a while. Here's a sample, but this site and the blog are definitely worth a visit!

I'll definitely be doing some holiday shopping there! Speaking of which, Modish also had a link to a really neat site- a pledge to Buy Handmade this holiday season. What a fabulous idea! I had already vowed to find all handmade gifts for my wedding party, why not commit a little more and do the whole holiday season! Its a great way to support independent designers and artists, not to mention give fun, unique gifts. Sign me up...

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