Saturday, December 22, 2007

early christmas surprises

A few weeks ago Fiance and I decided that today was going to be our Christmas together-just the two of us before all of the family hubub gets started! We made reservations at a great restaurant and despite the snow-in, it turned out to be a fabulous evening and we've decided we'll make it a yearly tradition.

As for the surprises...back in February, Fiance and I fell in love with a table at Crate & Barrel. Every once in a while the store will call and let us know that the table is on sale or something-but we live in a little tiny loft that the table will never fit in, so we never jumped on it. Well they called today with a little Christmas surprise - the floor model was on sale for 1/2 off! Too good to pass up, we braved the terrible roads (probably a bad idea) and went down there - and bought it! Where will it go you ask? Haha well until we move, the table is going to reside in Fiance's parents basement, all wrapped up. But we are beside ourselves, we seriously sit and talk about this table all the time - imagining our kids doing their homework there, throwing dinner parties - it is really the most perfect table. And now its ours!

As an extra fun surprise, when we got home from dinner tonight Fiance surprised me with this necklace from PequitoBun. It says "I love you more than yesterday and less than tomorrow" in French. I'm over the moon, what a guy:-)

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elizabeth @ elizabeth anne designs said...

your necklace is GORGEOUS! what a thoughtful present from your fiance!