Monday, December 31, 2007

a quick makeup

To try and makeup for the lack of posts last week I'm going to try and fill the specialty days...

design tuesdays

I wanted to share one of my favorite carpet lines that came out recently. Shaw Contract Group always has a beautiful selection of products, but this one just grabbed me. It's the Bloom Plush line from the Dressed to Kill collection. It isn't necessarily every-day useable, but in the right spot I think it could make such a neat statement. I need to find a better photograph, this really doesn't do it justice!

wedding wednesdays
Found a fabulous deal on candles that I just have to share. I looove candles-and we really want to incorporate a lot into our decor for the wedding. I think they can really transform a place-always romantic and charming. I was just about to order all of our candles online when someone mentioned IKEA. Turns out they have fabulous prices on candles! We bought 14 8" pillar candles, 140 (yes you read that right!) glass tealight holders and all of the tealights - and saved about $50!. Every little bit helps right? The bummer is that you cant buy them online-but depending on how much you need it might be worth a trip to the nearest IKEA!

favorite shoe thursday

So this is the first favorite pair of shoes that I actually own! I bought these a few weeks ago from Aldo and they haven't left my feet since. I love the height and they work with just about anything! oh-and they're on sale right now!

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