Tuesday, January 1, 2008

birdcage tags

Be still my heart, I've fallen madly in love with these birdcage tags from Digital Paperie. I'd love to find a use for them with the wedding. I'd love to find a use for them anywhere and everywhere for that matter! Any ideas?


TwainTheLines said...

How about using them for seating, hanging from tree branches or something?

perfect bound said...

Hey there. Thanks for adding Perfect Bound to your blog roll! I love the tags you've posted here. I agree that using them for seating would be lovely. Also, you can hang them from your chairs at the reception depending on your decor. You can also use them as napkin ties on the table.

alissa said...

Thanks Perfect bound! Love your site:-)
I like the napkin idea-and the designer said she could print something on the back of the tags. It would add a little something to the table!

Polka Dot Bride said...

Oh a guestbook wishing tree (although if you wanted to stick them in a book later the pretty image would be lost, but they'd look gorgeous hanging on the branches of a tree)
Tags on guest bags (if you choose to do them)
Thankyou messages to special people
Favor Tags

Clearly I also like them (oops!)

Anonymous said...

Hello...thanks so much for mentioning my birdcage tags here. I'd love to help you find a way to use these for your wedding. I have several other birdcage images also. Stop by my Etsy shop to these and other items I've designede.

Ann of Digital Paperie