Thursday, January 3, 2008


I'm always drawn to photos of forests-living on a tree farm in high school could have something to do with it. Just so peaceful. I really like this photo by Paula Abreu.


ColibriDreams said...

Such a lovely photo! It's like you could get into it... I love photos of forests too. I love to take a walk in a forest, and there aren't too many of them here in Mexico City.. So generally I just have to content myself with some pictures of them.

Anonymous said...

Hey chica! I love the picture too. It's good to know that you will always have a piece of the forest in your heart! I just saw an Ansel Adams exhibit in the museum here in Bozeman. I think you would have loved it- there were lots of nature scenes with some really great trees.

I also love what you've added to the site since i saw it last. I totaly dig the red and blue combo too and all of the bird stuff. It's so you and so chic. :)