Wednesday, January 2, 2008

let's call these 'love notecards'

I feel like its too early to talk about Valentine's so 'love notecards' works for now. But I must warn you that I adore Valentine's Day. Unfortunately I got so excited about my V-day gift for Fiance that I got excited and gave it to him yesterday haha. My bad...Anyway- my search is already on for fabulous 'love notecards' to send my friends and loved ones. Here are some of my favorites so far...

From Pigeon Print Shop:

From Favorite Design:

and the last from Cabin+Cub:


Jennifer Ramos said...

hey thanks a bunch for supporting my designs. Ive added you to my blogroll.

Jen Ramos
'Earth Friendly DESIGNER Cards'

elizabeth @ elizabeth anne designs said...

the love notecard is gorgeous!