Tuesday, January 22, 2008

mason jar films

Not since this post, has anything wedding related taken my breath away like this! Style Me Pretty did a feature on Mason Jar Films today and I am completely taken. I'll be honest, Fiance and I had agreed when we first established our wedding budget & plans that we didn't need a videographer. I just have never seen a video that really grabbed me-one that I could picture us pulling out years down the road to watch again and again.

But this...the film quality is so different, vintage and timeless. My breath was completely taken away-theres just a different emotion that comes from his videos, and it brought tears to my eyes. Not to mention the beautiful song that was playing!

I realize that I am easily impressed-I post about shiny yellow shoes and very random things that make me happy-but this, this is just over the moon wonderful! Please enjoy!


Katie M said...

The music is "Iron and Wine". I will bring in the CD.

Katie M said...

The music is "Iron and Wine". I will bring in the CD.

alissa said...

Dont worry - I just downloaded it haha. I have no patience...

Jarmaster said...


Thanks for enjoying and posting my work - have a great wedding in May!