Friday, February 15, 2008


I'm home sick today with the flu. I've slept away most of the day and filled in the time between naps with dvr'd America's Next Top Model episodes. Started flipping through old pictures on my laptop and thought I'd share some favorites (the photos themselves might not be fabulous, but there are stories behind them). You might want to skip these posts, I've had a lot of flu medicine.

Kicking things off, this gentleman was in Burberry ads everywhere I turned the semester I spent in Italy. I was obsessed. We had a bit of a thing going on, something special between the two of us. Thats as much as I'll say.

This was our sitting room in our apartment in Rome. This is one of those things you look at and tell yourself you had no idea at the time how lucky you were.

Ok so they say that Italy is this sexy country. I really didnt understand until I was in Florence, my roommates and I decided to get up very early and walk up to the top of this park. Well on our way up the hill this middle aged-rather hairy guy-jumps out in front of us on the path, whips open his trench coat and does a little naked dance for us (my roommates are giving their impressions). Then I understood- ooooh this is why they say its so sexy here. Although at the time we just screamed and ran.

Ok so these are the ones you will remember and tell your grandchildren about. We're in Venice the evening of the 04 election (that has nothing to do with it, I just remember it was that night.) We meet this fabulous group of Italian guys and Scottish girls in a pub together, we end up in one Venice's squares where I get dance lessons from one of the Italians. Unfortuntely I'm apparently not the best dancer, spin-went-wrong and I ended up with a skinned elbow. The scar stayed with me for a while:) But those are the thing you tell your grandchildren about, dancing around the streets of Venice with Italians that you can't really talk to but they teach you to dance.

Ok thanks for hanging with me, I'll go back to bed now...

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SC said...

I can see why you would have a "thing" with Hugh Dancy's Burberry ads. He was particularly pretty in them. Even for him. :)