Thursday, February 7, 2008

to: myself

When I was younger I used to write letters to myself for the future. I'd hide them somewhere and then completely forget about them and find them years later. It was always so entertaining to read about what was important-and the questions I would ask my future self. Sometimes I put specific timelines with them 'do not open until you're 16' etc. Anyway - Free People's blog featured this site FutureMe. You can write yourself an email and then pick a date to have it sent to yourself (up until the year 2037). I love it!


katie the lady said...
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katie the lady said...

so sweet! When I was in 4th grade, my teacher had us a write a letter to our future selves. Obviously, I forgot about it. I have NO IDEA how she did this, but she figured out where I lived (I had moved 4 times in between across the US and back) and mailed it to me on my 18th birthday. One of my listed goals: to become a country music superstar. Hilarious!