Tuesday, February 26, 2008

woohoo for lovas

So for the big #201 post I wanted to share something I'm thankful for. I have an amazing group of girlfriends that I love more than anything. Girls I've known for a long time. And you know with girlfriends, its like someones always in a relationship, someones always single- no one is ever in the same place as far as relationships-and that's a-ok because that's what keeps things interesting:) BUT I realized over the weekend that every single one of my close, dear friends is in a happy, healthy wonderful relationship with some fabulous guys that I really like. One of them just got engaged over Valentine's day!

I realize that relationships don't necessarily equal happiness and that people can be perfectly content happy campers when they're single gals. But its just a good feeling, to know that everyone I love has someone that makes them smile everyday.
Photo of one of my friends and their dude at the Iowa State football game. Which, I want to just remind everyone, Iowa State beat Kansas State that day. I'm just saying.

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