Friday, March 7, 2008

antm roundup

So as I mentioned, I thought an America's Next Top Model bit might be fun each week. For those of you out there that aren't fans you'll have to ignore these:)

My favorite so far has definitely been Claire. I was really bummed when they cut and dyed her hair though! It actually looks ok - but didnt look good at all in the photo. I'd say my next favorite (and I liked her photo this week!) is Katarzyna. I think shes adorable! Allison and Fatima were both getting on my nerves big time-so its good at least one of them went home.

So far I can't tell if I like these girls as much as the last few seasons. I loved Saleisha!

I'd love to hear what your opinions!

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Jenna said...

Claire is definitely the fan favorite. I don't think I havea a favorite yet, give me a few more weeks. I can't wait until Whitney is gone gone gone.