Tuesday, March 4, 2008

just curious

Subject of debate lately, I had addressed all of our invitations to married couples this way:
Mr. & Mrs. John & Jane Doe
yada yada yada
yadaville, YD

I realize that the traditional way would be to leave out Jane's name. But I had some beef with that. Jane has a name! Especially since we are not doing inner envelopes, I wanted to include Jane's first name. I can find info on the internet going both ways-that this is right or wrong. But it felt right to me. After all 100howevermany were addressed, Fiance shared his opinion that he preferred the traditional way.

I'm just curious - what are your thoughts?


natalie said...

I prefer the way you did it. For a variety of reasons, calling a woman Mrs. John Doe drives me nuts... so writing Mr. and Mrs. John Doe on 100 envelopes would really make me crazy! :)

jessica lynn said...

i want to do it the way that you did...but my parents would have my head as they insist on the traditional way...

elizabeth @ elizabeth anne designs said...

i'm doing something even less traditional:

mrs. jane smith doe
and mr. john doe
123 anywhere street

jballashaw said...

I am elated that you have adopted the modern way. This is a big issue with me and it annoys me to no end and find it even insulting. It goes back to being "property" of the husband...most women give up their last name to their husband, are they really supposed to give up her first name too...just call me Mrs. It is even a bigger issue now that I am Dr.

katie the lady said...

I would take it one step further and put Jane first :)

I really don't think anyone's going to bat an eyelash at putting "Jane" in. I know I would love it!

Jenna said...

I think it sounds so natural, how will anyone even notice?