Monday, March 31, 2008

photoweek - wirken

I started looking at Kansas City photographers tonight. Since our photographer (an amazing family friend) is from out of town, I thought it would be great to send her images of photos taken at the locations we'd like to do ours, so she can start to get some ideas of what the surroundings will be like.
First up, the very talented team of Becca and Tyler at Wirken Photography. I meant to grab a few of their images, but couldn't find a good stopping place - so I have quite a few!
These pictures are taken at the Nelson Atkins Art Museum, where we planning on taking most of our pictures.

Fiance and I live downtown and our wedding is being held downtown as well. I'd love to get some photos in before the wedding capturing the city. Our venue has even said they'll let us go up on the roof (ala that second picture!).

And lastly, some fabulous shots of some happy couples! The last one is my absolute favorite of their entire portfolio.

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