Saturday, March 8, 2008

see this?

This is the beach we should've eloped to and had a lovely little wedding on. Just Fiance, myself and some random guy with an accent that has the power to legally marry us.
It looks nice doesn't it?

I feel like every bride reaches this point where they just want to pull their hair out, light the invitations on fire and go take a nap.
I've reached that point.

I think I'm going shopping :)

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Myra - twigs & honey said...

Hey Alissa!!

Hahaha... hang in there! I had those moments too! Quite possibly, a few too many times. I think the momentum and drive comes in waves, which means that you'll inevitably have those low moments where you're just exhausted. Then, you'll pop by the bookstore, read the latest bridal magazine issure, be instantly insprired and right back on track. :)

Thanks for the nice post! Yes, things have been very busy! Insanely so. Thank you so much for the continued support and you really helped me tremendously in the infancy of twigs & honey. You must come to Oregon someday and visit! I continue to check out your blog. I love all your posts!

Keep up all the great work and yes, emotional shopping usually solves most worries/stresses. Hehe - I'm recalling this great moment in the movie Clueless.

All best,