Tuesday, March 11, 2008


Fiance is the music guru between the two of us (as I've mentioned before, I still occasionally listen to Aqua-as in 'Barbie Girl'. Enough said.)

Music seemed like the perfect thing for him to take charge of for the wedding. I must add at some point that he was demoted to being in charge of the cocktail hour and dinner only. I'm in charge of dancing music my friends. Justin Timberlake? You betcha. Madonna? Oh yes.

I digress...anyway, Fiance also talked quite a bit about what our first song should be. We don't have a song, so its interesting to try and pick one that will stick with you for the rest of your days. One night I told Fiance I thought he should surprise me. I don't want to know what our first dance is until the music starts playing. Will we be completely unpracticed? yes. Will I probably cry? yes. But I'm pretty excited about it, and so is Fiance.

Tonight I was still thinking about readings, we keep changing our minds. But I had this idea and now I'm obsessed. My aunt and uncle had someone read lyrics of Bob Dylan song at their wedding, which I've always thought was really cool. There's a lot of good poems out there - but if songs are what grabs you, especially the lyrics, why not share those?

Before Fiance and I were dating we were good friends, and during that time he burned me a cd of some of his favorites. The fun part was that way he insanely carefully picked each song based on the lyrics. What if I surprise him with the reading? He'll know there's going to be a reading - but he won't know what it is.

Sorry, this post was really more of a wedding idea ramble.

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Aw, I love getting honorable mention.

Aunt Jill