Sunday, April 13, 2008

am i doomed?

Ah yes, that looks comfortable.
Could I wear one on each leg? How about one for my arm?

As the wedding quickly approaches more than one person has asked me if I have my 'something old, new borrowed and blue' ready to go. I don't. There's a slight chance that I have a little wedding scrooge in me. I dont want to wear a garter - they look so uncomfortable and the whole remove-and-toss the garter is the most uncomfortable thing (for the guests anyway) So no garter. People suggest blue underwear. eh.

So I will officially have no something borrowed and no something blue. Everything I have on will be new, so I'm doing pretty well in that category. I wear my great-grandmothers wedding band every day - and will on the wedding day - so I have that one covered too. But the others I dont, and I'm not making any move to. Which doesn't bother me in the slightest - but then people ask and thats when i feel like a scrooge:)

Garter from Designs from Peterene.

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Anonymous said...

Don't be a scrooge, have a little fun with it.

Have about blue underwear or borrowed underwear (ha ha) or have your hair stylist dye one little strip of hair blue or paint one nail/toenail blue, maybe get a little blue tattoo, I could go on. Borrow is easy, just borrow a handkerchief (sp?), you will need it ;o)

Auntie Jill