Thursday, April 3, 2008

antm roundup

At least this week was a little more exciting than last. Although once again I didn't like the photo shoot - anyone else? I was bummed to see Claire go home! But I would definitely keep Lauren over her. Laurens a character - I honestly don't believe she'll win because she cant walk! BUT she takes some amazing pictures and I like her personality.
Katarzyna is still my favorite - can't say I love the new hair but I don't think she does either. She needs to be a little more outgoing - or at least talk more or something. They're going to start docking her for personality factor. But she's definitely gorgeous!


Uncle Beefy said...

I don't know what Claire was thinking with her face plant?! I didn't like the shoot either! You really couldn't see ANY of their faces...??? I think they made a mistake with Katarzyna's hair...shoulda left it alone. I like Lauren too but (agreed!) she walks like a horse (and an old one!). But doesn't she just go and bust out with the great pics (last night's notwithstanding). We'll see who's game this turns out to be???? :)

A Windy City Wedding said...

Yay ANTM roundup! Like I said, Lauren rocks, why is it that hard to walk, it seems she could try harder if she wanted to but I think she does it for the comedy!