Thursday, April 17, 2008

antm roundup

Well it was nice to have the show back this week! The photo shoot wasn't that exciting to me - I thought the challenge was actually more interesting. Danielle has been one of my least favorites along the way - and definitely solidified her position there this week. And of course, Katarzyna is still my favorite - although Anyas growing on me. I go back and forth with Whitney, I like her confidence and body image - its great and its healthy! But sometimes she gets a little too confident - and cheesy.
It's cool that theyre going to Rome. But if I have to be really honest at first it confused me a little bit. I studied abroad in Rome - and I adore that city. Rome is history and amazing people and great food and fascinating stories. Its sitting outside at the little cafe and people watching. Or amazing bottles of wine and dodging motorinis on the narrow streets. But at no time while I was there did I think 'Rome is fashion'. Thinking more about it though - my entire semester project while in Rome was creating a fashion show within one of the historic buildings. There is somethign cool about the layers of new creation and design over this historic city. We were told many times while we were there, Rome is all about layers.

I've completely digressed. Here's the model's shoot from this week, along with two of my favorite shots from Rome.

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A Windy City Wedding said...

I love reading the roundup! Lauren is totally my favorite, I dont know why but I love her. Whitney makes a lot of snotty comments on the side but then acts all goody goody with the judges but I think shes so pretty and it would be awesome to see a plus size girl win (even though shes like a size 10).