Tuesday, April 1, 2008

random things

A break from the photographers for some random pieces of information.

1. I'm wearing my wedding shoes right now. Fiance doesn't want to see them and they need to get broken in! So he's gone for the night and I'm doing laundry in my heels. So far so good. Grace seems to like them.

2. I had a very weird dream last night (I usually don't remember them). I met an Italian guy - (who looked exactly like that French guy that liked Lauren on the Hills last week-chain smoking and everything) Anyway, his name was Vittorio. What kind of a name is that? I studied abroad in Italy and I'm pretty sure I never heard that name - so noooo idea where that came from. He just gave me a tour of this really weird, immense house and we kept running into my family members along the way. And all I could think was 'are my relatives mad that he's smoking so much?'

3. I have my first shower this weekend. And I have something to admit. I've only been to one bridal shower before in my life. It was my best friend's brother's fiance. We were sophomores in high school and I'm pretty sure we spent the majority of the time making fun of this girl for getting so excited over towels. And now I'm that girl, getting excited over towels. But I have to say my lack of shower experience makes me nervous. I'm just not sure what to do haha... so wish me luck!

Ok, back to the photos.

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