Wednesday, May 7, 2008

antm roundup

Ok so they totally fooled me this week - it seems like they always really focus on one girl and make it really obvious and then she goes home. I thought Whitney was a goner with all of the talk about her. But then she's safe! Woohoo, I wasn't ready for her to leave. I think it was a good episode, Fatima grew on me a little more in that photography challenge (and Paulina un-grew on me, does she annoy anyone else?) Anya is still definitely my favorite. I liked the photo shoot this week but I don't think any of them had as much fun with it as they could have! Finale next week!
Speaking of fashion and models and all of that wonderfulness, stay tuned for a fun post on Friday - we have the IIDA Color + Couture fashion show tomorrow night! Firms around the city are paired with interior design finish products to design and make couture creations. Carpet, wallcovering, floor tile - you name it. And you would not believe some of the things people come up with!


Uncle Beefy said...

Oh yeah, Alissa. Paulina bugs! Anya, despite that voice, is likely to be the winner by my estimation. But I think it might come down to her and Whitney in the final two. We shall see? And despite my lack of appreciation for Dominique, I did think she left graciously in the end.
So small props for the Dom.

A Windy City Wedding said...

I dont know about Anya, shes cute and all but I want Whitney to win! I cant wait for the finale!