Monday, June 2, 2008

emma and cher

On the honeymoon I read Emma by Jane Austen. Loved it. But I get to the part where Elton has Emma draw a picture of Harriet and he's completely obsessed with it. And for whatever reason I thought 'I bet its going to be like Clueless when it turns out he only likes the picture because Cher took it - not because it's of the other chic'... and then I start realizing that Clueless was basically based off of Emma. Maybe everyone else knew, but I didn't. I kind of ruined the book for myself because I knew what was coming, but regardless it was still a fun read. Its amazing how she wrote that so long ago, and the language and style it's written is so old - and yet you can still completely adhere yourself to the characters and their emotions. Way to go Jane Austen.

ps - I'm sorry, looking back over my posts tonight I'm in a very wordy-mood. They're a little long. My bad [said in complete Cher style].

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