Thursday, June 5, 2008

enamel & copper

Check out this beautiful plate by designer Hella Jongerius created by enamel and punched copper. Notes on the piece... "Enameling was used in Europe in the Middle Ages, applied on jewelry, and again the 20th century to create outdoor advertising signs. Due to the great expense in fabrication and the fragile nature of the material, enameling has become rare, and the technique now has been almost completely forgotten. In Japan, however, it has been carefully preserved, a fact which inspired Jongerius to visit the country and learn more about the artisans who still work in this medium." Its gorgeous-pricey-but gorgeous. Available from Moss. Thanks to Lori for passing this along!


Polka Dot Bride said...

Hey there!
You've been tagged!

Molly said...

Hey! In response to your veil comment on my blog, I agree, the rest of her wedding was stunning and I think black shoes (especially her manolos yummy yummy) are fabulous. I'm actually wearing red!

I just think wearing that veil for a night of dancing would be difficult.