Tuesday, June 24, 2008

kick in the pants from mrs.lovebug

I'm skimming through Weddingbee as usual last night and I come to Mrs. Lovebug's farewell post. Even if you're not a Weddingbee reader, its worth reading. She is a wonderful writer (and my favorite bee.) I adored her honesty in this post. Her wedding is over and its time for her to move on to new things in her life. She also discusses the community that Weddingbee has become. It was very bizarre reading this - I literally got a little choked up. I mean its this stranger I've never even met! But you get to know so much about them as they go through this whole process and I don't know, you actually feel like you have this little connection.

Anyway, so I'm sitting there, disappointed that we won't be reading anymore of her fabulous writing. Then I realize that my wedding is also over, and yet here I am on Weddingbee. When my to-do list of after-wedding projects sits beside me with nothing crossed off. So I think I'm going to cut the Weddingbee cord. I will not however, cut my cord with some of my favorite wedding blogs (lets not get irrational) - but I may cut down on the daily reading list.

SOOO that being said, I'm going to keep posting gorgeous wonderful wedding things on here, because I can't help myself and I just love weddings. And I have friends getting married that I can't help but dig for all sorts of eye candy for. BUT I also need to get moving in some other directions - and I'll share them with you. I just hope they don't bore you along the way.

Don't worry, I'm not going to stop posting! I'm addicted to this thing:)

And in case you happen to read this, Mrs. Lovebug, I wish you all the best:)


Polka Dot Bride said...

heart in mouth

don't you dare stop posting! You post some of my favourite goodies!

ami @ elizabeth anne designs said...

oh alissa - you are so inspirational and adorable! it's GREAT that you love weddings and you know that we all love you and love reading about your life adventures, wedding or otherwise. :)