Monday, June 2, 2008

sooo what now?

Throughout the wedding planning process, I'd hear rumors of this 'bridal depression' where after the wedding a bride just gets pretty down because they hype is over. And I'll be honest - I feared this. I have a tendency to have big 'party's over' syndrome - I get bummed out after big family get togethers, Christmas parties, long weekends visiting friends-you name it. Basically if there’s any event that I get excited for and get to be with a lot of people I like - I get really bummed when its over. Like abnormally bummed. So - I feared this bridal bum time.

But here’s the good thing, I totally didn’t get it. Not in the slightest. I woke up the morning after and thought 'oh it comes...or ...wait! I feel complete happiness, a little relief even, maybe calm!' For a few days I'll admit I stressed about details, things I wasn't sure if they'd gone ok or what people thought etc. Then I got over that, starting basking in the joy of just being calm, relaxed and married to Husband.

We returned from the honeymoon and I had a few weird days where I didn't want to think about weddings in the slightest. I checked in on
Weddingbee and got a little nauseous. That slowly went away. And now I'm just perfectly content, happy to be married. Thinking of some new creative projects I should begin. And starting to get back in to my old obsessed-with-weddings self. Only for other people's now.
Mine's all done and I'm one happy camper.

Except that I don't like camping.
I'm a happy wife. How’s that.

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