Thursday, July 10, 2008


From one of my favorite writers...

I want to wear sunglasses. Get burned and steal sunshine. I want to see legs. I want to see shoulders and bare feet and smiles. I want to see that look on unfamiliar female faces.

I want to be back in Rotterdam. Feet screaming. On the atrium fire escape under the awning, away from the rain. Drinking Heineken with Daniella.

I want to walk in the late may woods. Everything green, busting through and out and up. Clouds shading trees, shading bushes, shading weeds, shading bugs shading dirt.

I want to go back to that first night, stalking a firebird with a Firebird and learning how to kiss. And do it all over again - the last five years so I could try to do it different, do it all the same and hate my regrets almost as much as I love my memories.

I want to be innocent and ignorant. I want to be nine years old again. Hands behind my head... just playing in my imagination and having no idea any of this was going to happen.

I think that's what I want.

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