Tuesday, July 29, 2008

first friday

For the Kansas City crowd...

Hammerpress is having a big wonderful event this Friday...

"Sean Kelly and Hammerpress will be pulling out tons of very cool old industrial antiques, office supplies, chairs, stools, rolling tables and other gems for a clearance sale. Excellent deals on amazingly cool things that you must have! This sale will be in front of Hammerpress on Friday the 1st from 6-9 and Saturday the 2nd from 10-5."
"Sterling Holman will be playing material from his new project - surrounder. Sterling was one of the founding members of T.J. Dovebelly and Sky Burial, two amazing Kansas City musical projects that sadly no longer exist. Fans of Boards of Canada, Fourtet, Caribou, etc will surely enjoy."

Plus snowcones from Fresher than Fresh SnowCones - how can you pass that up?
You can all thank Katie for this fabulous tip:)

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