Wednesday, July 23, 2008

girls im confused

So I've been a little light on the posting the last few days - and thats because my blogging time has been filled with this soap-oper-of-a-blog I've been reading. Someone on some blog had posted a link to this one. I read the first post and I don't really get it - so I go back to the very beginning, posts from like a year ago to start figuring out what this is about. Basically this blog is two friends writing each other letters. And these girls are hilarious. I've been sitting in my little computer bubble, laughing hysterically for the past few nights as I read every single post. These girls are awesome - sometimes a little offensive but the kind I think is funny - seriously fabulous. Well one girl always posts more than the other and kind of gives the slacker a hard time about it. Tonight I get to the few most recent posts.
And basically the main girl says the other one is dead and shes looking for a new best friend.
Did I miss something? What happened to the slacker? She seemed a little crazy but I loved her random posts and I don't understand how she just disappears and there's no explanation. And I'm also angry that I've read like 7 months worth of blogs so that I'll feel all caught up on things and this will be my new favorite blog...and now I don't get it. I fell all in love with these girls and now I don't even know them. Ok thats being a little dramatic.
This, my friends, is why I shouldn't follow links like that.
I get easily worked up.
I'm going to watch Project Runway now.

PS If you happen to know where Haley went, please fill me in. Elaine seems peachy as well, I just need some answers dammit.


K said...

i've been reading this blog too. i started way back in 2007. and now what? haley is dead? for reals? and there are new people. i'm confused and need answers too!!!

Elaine said...

I know, I know...I'm sorry - I don't want to lose you as a reader. We're still trying to figure things out. Basically (don't tell anyone) the blog was ruining our friendship - Haley decided to kill herself off. It's just me now...and my guest writer's.