Tuesday, July 15, 2008

lets go shopping

My friend Rara and I enjoy shopping online together. She sends me a link of some fabulous shoes (red of course) and I send some back something I'm drooling over. It's an ongoing fake shopping spree. And now you're invited to play.

Here's the challenge. I'm giving you $408. It's pretend friends - sorry. Why 408? I'm not sure. Your bills are paid - so lets not bother with those.

It's all for you to have a fabulous pretend shopping trip with. What will you buy?
For ease of math, lets say there's no tax/shipping etc:)

If you'd like to play, email me your wishlist ( gracesbcw at hotmail dot com ) - along with links to your goodies (include your blog link if you like)
Send them over by this weekend and I'll post them next week.

I'm always fascinated by other people's tastes and collections of lovely things. If no one plays I'll probably make some up haha.

I'll kick things off later tonight with my imaginary spree.

Photo from fish_bear
PS this is my 400th post!


Practice Blog said...

Your post is like a real life phenomena and can be accessed at Prosperity Game dot com. Each day you get more fake money that you must spend. Currently I am up to 137,000to spend each day. It is fantastic.

Lethie said...

Congrats on your 400th post!!!