Tuesday, August 19, 2008

the hills

So I promise not to write about the Hills every week (for those of you who don't enjoy semi-reality shows about a group of girls living in LA with dream jobs) but I have to comment on the first episode.

1- So the pre-show. I cannot express my love for Lauren's dress. Love love love. And her hair!

2- Audrina remains mi favrito, its funny because she admits that she was hired for the show (not a friend of the girls as they made it look like) but she actually seems like the most real person on there. I'd like to be friends with Audrina. But not if she's with Justin Bobby.

3- Person I don't want to be friends with: Lo. Now Lo, let me back up for a minute and tell you that back in the Laguna Beach days you were my favorite character on the whole shabang. I loved your attitude and your sense of humor. Fabulous. What happened? Hollywood has turned you into a complete hoochiewalla. Be nice to Audrina.

4- I like Whitney.

5- Blah to Spencer and Heidi. I might start fast forwarding through those segments. I would put money down on them only sticking together just to be on this show - they know they'll get more publicity together than apart. Look at Heidi from season 1 to now - she looks so crazy fake. And Spencer is a class A loser.
6- To Spencer and Heidi's sisters: please don't come on this show anymore. You just want publicity and you are boring. Its harsh - but the show is only 30 minutes long (like 13 if you take out commercials, 9 if you take out the music montages) and I can't have some of that time wasted on you.
whew, it really felt good to get that out of my system


jessica lynn said...

#6 made me giggle. well said.

Sarah said...

I'm like 100% in agreement with you. My thoughts from the episode.

1. The host asking Lauren if that dress was from her line. Really? Did the host do zero research on that one. That dress was nothing like anything from her line.

2. I don't like Audrina because she's always smiling even when she's crying or mad. Bring the botox down a few notches.... that and she just seems flat out dumb.

3. WTF happened to Lo? Did she take the last few years off to go into bitch trainign school. She is a fierce and nasty little lady now and I don't like it one bit.

4. Who doesn't love whitney?

5. How has Spencer not been shot on the street yet? I mean really he is a giant ASSHOLE.

6. How long before Heidi's sister has 10-12 "procedures done"? It all starts with the LA makeover.