Tuesday, August 19, 2008

my new least favorite celebrity is...

Jennifer Lopez. Seriously, get over yourself!

Poor Jennifer Lopez. The new mom is training for a triathlon, but everyone is too busy watching the Olympics to notice.
Lopez, who appeared on "Good Morning America" Aug. 18 to discuss her preparations for the Malibu Triathlon, was overheard saying after the segment that she “couldn’t understand why everyone is talking about that swimmer,” according to a GMA source. “She couldn’t come up with (eight-time gold-medal winner Michael) Phelps’ name, and then she yammered on about how she was the one training for a triathlon just six months after giving birth, and how that was the big story right now, not ‘the swimmer.’ ”


I mean she's got a point. All Phelps has done is broken a bunch of measly world records, become the most decorated Olympian ever and earned what, 8 gold medals for the United States? I mean JLOs going to participate in a triathlon! Something only like...thousands of people do every year.
I'm not saying its not hard, but get over yourself.

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BrittanyM said...

Its nice to know someone else feels the same way. I have always thought that she was over rated. Sorry but I care more about the Olympics than I ever will on what she is doing.