Thursday, August 7, 2008

ok computer, lets talk

You're old. I know this, I've had you for many years and we have a beautiful relationship.

Yesterday you asked if I'd like to get the newest version of whatever for my ipod. That was so sweet of you - always thinking of me. Anyway, I said yes - you set me up and we were good to go!

Well tonight I went to plug in my ipod and now its no longer compatible with itunes. Now I'm not angry, but maybe you could have told me that was going to happen. So I go to download the new itunes...and it says your entire lovely system needs a download before I can get the new itunes.

So now I'm downloading that. And its taking hours. And you're running really slowly.

I'm trying to be patient. In the future keep your stupid updates to yourself ok?

By the way, this photo is just a joke. I would never hit you with a baseball bat. You're such a giant old tank I'm pretty sure you could just get up and kick my ass right back.

We're a team right?...right?


Ms. 122 said...

hahah...that's awesome! hope it works!

Guilty Secret said...

Ha ha... I think we all have these moments!

Blue-Eyed Bride said...

hilarious post, but OH HOW FRUSTRATING!