Friday, August 15, 2008


As I mentioned, we had a little partay last weekend. Lots of sangria consumed. We made three different kinds (towards the end of the night I cheerfully combined them into one though...with a nice bottle of champagne and leftover box wine, classy right?)

We tripled (octupled whatever) these recipes, but here is the basic gist:
#1 el original
1 bottle of cheap red wine
equal amount of lemonade (ok the recipe said that...I think we went easy on the lemonade)
1 cup brandy
3 apples, 2 oranges, sliced and diced

#2 peach wonderfulness
1 bottle of cheap white wine
1 cup peach vodka/schnapps
6 teaspoons frozen lemonade (I'll be honest, we just splashed in some lemonade)
around 1/4 cup sugar. again we didnt measure this part, so kind of do that to taste
6 peaches, sliced

#3 berry niceness
1 bottle of cheap red wine
1 cup berry vodka
do the splash of lemonade and sugar again
1 lb strawberries, sliced
2 apples, sliced
blueberries (we didnt do this but I bet it would be good)

Here's the kicker. We bought 5 lbs of grapes and pulled them from the stem, washed them and put them in baggies - and then into the freezer. Right before the party we dumped most of them into the sangria and left the rest for people to use in their glasses. Kept the sangria chilly - without getting all watery.
In my mind you only need three ingredients and you can invent your own fabulous sangria.
1)cheap wine 2) some lovely liquor and 3) lots of sliced fruit

Photo from {manda}.
Disclaimer: I am sharing these recipes for your use and entertainment. However, I accept no fault in any dumb things you do after drinking them.

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