Tuesday, September 2, 2008


Today was a bad day. Highlights included ripping my new pants (damn cuffs+heels), walking home in the rain and breaking down and crying in front of some poor woman who was just trying to do her job...but was just the end of my line. There's more to it than that...but basically pretty awesome.
I did watch Gossip Girl last night - pretty sure I'm hooked!
Photo from ichie.


Anonymous said...

just wanted to drop you a line of support. ive never left a comment before, but i always read your blog and enjoy your sense of humor and ability to be so honest. ie. the hills, and shoes posts were some of my faves.

just wanted to say thanks for making this one of the less sappy perfect bride blogs. i def. relate!

jessica lynn said...

looooove gossip girl! it goes well with a nice glass of wine!