Friday, September 26, 2008

hi there

so ive been absent again.

remember that event I was doing 6000 invitations for? well they printed...and the next day we found a giant mistake on them. an entire committee reviewed these things, looking for tiny little mispellings or a missing comma or whatever. someone everyone missed the wrong date front and center.
so we're reprinting. 6000 of them. hows that for being environmentally friendly alissa? mostly i was just embarassed, its so unprofessional and frustrating. ugh

so anyway, that was thursday afternoon. i preceeded to head out thursday night and drown my sorrows with a decent amount of vodka.

tonight husband and i watched our recorded 'office' and 'greys anatomy' premiers. so at the start of the greys premier i say "either derek was in a car accident on his way to talk to rose - or rose is pregnant" that show knew how to push my buttons! i immediately scream "i told you" and then they were dreams or jokes or whatever. and how cute was the 'office' proposal? loved it. just adorable.

and then we watched the presidential debate. i like watching those - but theyre also so frustrating. just answer the question dammit. dont bs around for 2 minutes wandering around the subject. just answer the freaking question.

sorry no caps, this is me chatting lazily on a friday night - caps just aren't in the cards fellas

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