Thursday, September 4, 2008

strongbow? not beer?

Ok wait its on the 'list of beers on tap' at my favorite bar. You buy it in the beer section of the store.
How is Strongbow not beer? Cider beer - but beer right?
Have I been mislead?

Guilty Secret I'm looking for you to weigh in since you're from England:)


Unknown said...

Hee hee. Cider is made from apples (or pears, pear cider is gorgeous). Beer isn't. Ummmm I'm sure there are many other fundamental differences but cider is most definitely not beer I'm afraid :D

Cate Subrosa said...

Yes, as Christine, said cider is not a type of beer. Beer is made from cereal and cider is made from apples. Strictly speaking, the one made from pears is called perry, but the marketing people are trying to being it back and as perry sounds so very 70s they've taken to calling it pear cider.

So basically "cider beer" is a misnomer - it's either one or the other, depending whether it's made from cereal or fruit.

Blaine said...

Strongbow is a Hard Cider which means that it's fruit juice that has been fermented with yeast. Beer is basically hops and barley that has been fermented with yeast.