Thursday, September 4, 2008

vanity fair

I managed to sit in an airport for about... 5 hours today. Partially because I'm a ditz and because I'm not adventurous (if you know you'll be sitting in an airport for 3 hours why don't you go take a cab and see some sites? because you're me...)

So I parked it with a copy of Vanity Fair. My favorite magazine in the whole world. Open that baby up and you have all of the fabulous high fashion ads along side the most randomcrazyinteresting smattering of articles one could ask for.

Today I learned about a famous taxidermy shop in Paris that burned, a gorgeous (and pricey) apartment building in New York, all about the first lady of France, one of the most fabulous restaurants in New York with it's amazing history, an adorable interview with England's party guy of the last few decades (moved to the top of my 'people I'd like to have dinner with' list) and a really moving article on politics in Zimbabwe. I say moving because the American election is on everyone's mind here - and part of this article talks about people having their houses burned and being beaten within an inch of their life - because of who they voted for in Zimbabwe. How blessed are we for this freedom?

Have dinner with me Nicky Haslam.

So that got me through three hours...then I bought the latest Vogue. Which makes me question my entire wardrobe and want to throw everything away and go on a crazy mad shopping spree that I can in no way afford. Damnit Vogue...more on that later

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