Tuesday, October 7, 2008

girl crush aka the longest rambling ever

Ok, so my last post - What I Wore - this girl has another blog, Love Puppy and I just got done flipping through that thing. And I can officially say I have a girl crush on Jessica. She just seems like so much fun and I want to have lunch with her - have her give me fashion advice and teach me about eating vegan.

I think what I really like is that it seems like she writes for herself. I think that's what most blogs start as - and then you're like 'wait, people are reading this? seriously? well what do they want to read about?' Some evenings I start to type things and then I reconsider- no one wants to read about that alissa, post a lovely image from etsy instead. When the whole point of this thing was a place to ramble on about whatever the hell I want to ramble on about.

I've only been really good about keeping a journal twice- both times when I lived abroad. I religiously wrote in that thing every single freaking day - whether I was happy, sad, sleepy, drunk or whatever. But for some reason I could never make myself keep a journal on an average Tuesday at home. But looking back and reading those journals I have - SO amazing. And I'm so jazzed by the thought of letting my kids read them some day. This blog feels like the closest thing to a journal I've managed to keep. So why have I let it become all about what I think someone else would want to read about?

Could be because its not anonymous? - which is also something I think a lot of blogs start out to be. A lot of my friends, family and co-workers read this - which is awesome. But where am I supposed to whine about all of you? :) Just kidding. There's just some things I think you'd write when you think its just perfect strangers reading - but maybe you'd rather someone you see everyday not read it.

On the flipside shouldn't those people close to you know this stuff anyway? For instance I've started posts many times about the fact that I've gained the completely stereotypical 10 pounds since our wedding. But then I think 'hmm do I really want everyone to know that?' Haha although its not like the people that see me everyday don't already know it...

If you're still reading this you're a saint - this is what happens when I tell myself to write whatever I want.


Polka Dot Ponies said...

Ah how I love the rambling. I just started blogging but I agree- it is different when you know someone is goign to read it.
Love you!
Your sister.

BrittanyM said...

I love your blog. I started a blog, then thats it. Just started it.. I go to write in it and think, ok what should I write about today? Also, I hate the 10 pounds after the wedding. Before the wedding I said it would never happen to me, well it did. Nice.

But keep the blog coming! I check back here everyday, I love the weekly shoes the best. And you find the greatest things on the net! Very inspiring.