Thursday, October 23, 2008


Packing might be easier
if I had a snazzy old suitcase such as this daddio.
Heading back to my college stomping grounds with friends.
We'll be the old gals in the tailgating fields making a ruckus.
Photo by artamuse.


Courtney said...

How does that happen- turning into the old gals tailgating?? :) My friends and I would be the same, although we haven't been able to meet up for a football game in a number of years now.

Enjoy your weekend!!

b. said...

Ugh! I just had to leave a bunch of great old suitcases behind at my Grandparent's house this weekend. An auction house is coming to pick everything up and Dad wouldn't let me take them because 1. I didn't need them and 2. they are money makers. So Sad :(