Tuesday, October 21, 2008

utilitarian workshop

A few months ago Husband and I decided we had to do something about our storage issue. The issue being we don't have any. at all.
Enter Utilitarian Workshop to create a custom wall unit for us. Some background on Utilitarian Workshop, "our goal is to provide quality custom modern furniture for residential and commercial display with an 'earth friendly' approach. Each piece is a highly functional custom work of art reclaimed from our earth and built to add character, spirit and quality to your environment."
Created from birch plywood and reclaimed barn wood... our piece is finished! We're so excited! Our favorite aspect is that it can actually be divided - so someday we could use it as three separate pieces of furniture.
You can see more of Utilitarian Workshop's designs at Hammerpress in KC.

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Courtney said...

How fabulous that you all made your own bookcases/wall unit! That will always be such a special piece.