Saturday, November 29, 2008

best weekend

Zero plans all weekend.
Husband is watching football.
We're both drinking Corona and eating a lot of chips.
I'm spending a gazillion hours on this laptop.
First snow of the season this morning (and still going).
Going to make chocolate covered pretzels this afternoon.
I am happy.
Looking for inspiration and all things wonderful.
And watching my bids on ebay - vintage black boots? yes. Paper Denim & Cloth jeans? yes. JCrew velvet jacket I've been pining for for two years? yes.


Miss H~ said...

I am so glad you're happy. Yay for happy moments :) By the way, is that your parents' house? I thought I recognized the kitchen chairs.

alissa said...

it is my parents house - this photo is from like two winters ago, when id take grace up with me when i visited.