Saturday, November 22, 2008

blogs and bath

So I spent this morning catching up on Under A Paper Moon - and followed some of her commenters (is that a word?) to some new blogs and then followed some from there - an endless chain I can get lost in for hours.

One of my favorite discoveries is Luphia Loves. Great blog with all things wonderful (interiors, photography, fashion etc) AND the author lives in Bath England. Which I'm obsessed with.

I spent one day in Bath a few years ago - fell madly in love - and have obsessed over it ever since. Its just so beautiful and historic - totally out of a storybook. I daydream of moving there, even for a few months, and just being there. Isn't it funny how there are these places you've barely visited or know anything about but you have this crazy connection with them?

Photo by Harold.


Tina said...

Hi alissa, thank you for visiting my little blog & also feature it in your fabulous blog! it's very sweet of you :) Bath is beautiful, I feel like i'm always on holiday! my street is not as magnificent as this one but they're never far way. Hopefully I'll be posting some pictures around bath when the weather is good (which is rare in general & even more rare in the winter!)

by the way I love your cat grace as well, such a cutie! hope you're having a great weekend! Tina x

Courtney said...

Oh, geez, that chain is endless (yes, lost for hours sometimes!!) It's so fun when it pays off with something you are excited to find; Tina's blog is great, and she's so sweet too!

I also completely get having a connection with a place you've barely visited or know. It is wild.