Sunday, November 16, 2008

dont throw flour

So I would never go buy a fur coat. I don't advocate killing animals for their skin.
That being said I inherited a rabbit fur coat from the 70s. and its basically adorable.
So I did not pay for this coat - I'm not encouraging anyone to make more.
Wouldn't it be a little wasteful to not wear it? To just let it sit in the closet forever?

It has really cute brown leather toggles/straps if that makes any difference to you.

Photo from lauralemur.


Abbie said...

My grandmother has several furs that she wanted to give me, but she's a few sizes larger than me... otherwise, I would totally sport one. If it's vintage, then I don't feel like I'm supporting hurting animals.

Courtney said...

Ha! Don't worry I won't throw flour! I almost can't even admit this because it officially makes me the worst vegetarian EVER (besides sometimes pretending I've forgotten what gelatin is because I love sour gummy candies so much I can't not eat them!) but...

It would seem a pity to let it go to waste... I mean, like you said, it is vintage and was inherited. And cute brown leather toggles... gulp, I can't believe it, but right now, I am rather wishing for an inherited piece as well! Worst Vegetarian. Ever.