Thursday, November 27, 2008

happy thanksgiving

Mmm I'm up early baking this morning - pumpkin pie and Beefy's S'More suggestion. And I've eaten like 1/3 bag of chocolate chips. So you know the days off to a good start. I had a little anti-holiday spat last night when I decided to visit the grocery store at 6pm the night before Thanksgiving. I wanted to show a lot of people exactly where they could put that turkey baster.

But this morning I'm refreshed and feel like I should get this off my chest...

to the people of the Mission HyVee, I'm sorry if I gave you dirty looks. Its not your fault you decided to use a giant cart for your 4 small items in an already packed store - so much so that I basically had to wait in line to get down the baking aisle. And its not your fault you decided to bring your screaming child to the store either. Its also not your fault that you felt the end of the aisle was the ideal place to turn your cart sideways and walk away to fetch your stupid cranberries - thus ensuring not a single person could continue shopping until you found your goodies. Or wait, those were all your decisions.

Well that's ok, happy holidays my friends! I take back the things I said in the parking lot as I was waiting for your giant, gas-guzzling SUV that's taller than a house to get out of my way. There were a lot of naughty words and I feel bad now.
All is well. Because its a lovely morning and it spells like delicious holiday fun in my kitchen. Happy Thanksgiving!

A little holiday cowbell for you that really has nothing to do with anything - but makes me giggle.

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