Tuesday, November 11, 2008

wanted: dream analyzer

I looked it up - analyzer is a word.

Ok so a couple different scenarios here.
I've had this reoccurring dream (like 14 times) that I have a baby and then forget about it. Like waaay later in the dream I'll be riding a bike and suddenly think 'where's that baby I had?' and then spend the rest of the dream frantically searching for it.

Last night I have a whole new baby dream. Husband and I are visiting relatives and suddenly bam - I have a baby. And I remember it, I keep it with me constantly and I'm madly in love with this thing. The issue is that I cannot remember its name. I try to trick other people into telling me 'what should his nickname be?' and no one will give it up. The baby keeps changing from newborn to like 2 years old - and everywhere in between - at very fast rates. He's hard to hold on to. At one point he literally becomes a giant kitten and I have to hold him by the back of his neck. Husband and I are totally not prepared for this baby (human or cat) and try to take it in the car to get diapers...then realize we don't own a car seat. And our car won't start. So we're trapped at this relatives house for like the rest of our lives with this little cat baby. My little brother is there and he keeps dressing the baby in these weird doll clothes - like a Ken doll. But they fit the baby.

Ok next aspect to this dream - in this dream I see this person. They are in a lot of my dreams - but they'll never talk to me. They talk to others in the dream and they seem very happy to be there. But won't talk to me. I've had dreams like this for a few years now. So in last night's catbaby dream I see them and I decide to call them out on it - I start yelling at them 'talk to me'! and they get really angry and disappear.

If you're really into the dream thing get this one. A few months ago I had the scariest dream I've ever had in my life. Like I called M. Night Shyamalan the next morning to start working on recreating this bad boy. So needless to say I can't really give you the details because the producers will sue me. BUT in the dream I'm told that my greatest fear in life is being a mother. I have to go to this really messed up house (think scenes from The Cell) and be a mother to these really crazy children. Some of them love me and are trying to help me and others are trying to kill me. literally. One looks like Husband as a little kid (he's one of the nice ones.) But I have to be a mother to all of them and keep them safe - its like this challenge or I'll be killed.

I've said to much. Shyamalan's people won't be happy.

*Those of you who really know me will analyze all of those dreams together and get all freudian on my behind.


Heather from the bar said...

cat baby.... priceless

Courtney said...

Oh, man. The cat baby... that sounds like a tough one to have- funny, but I know not funny when you are having that dream! And I am so curious about the person you always see, but who never speaks! Very interesting.

This reminds me of reoccurring "nightmares" I had consistently for two years... they weren't what people would probably deem a normal nightmare, but I woke up feeling panicked, scared and trapped every time I had it...

They were nightmares about getting married! And I didn't even have a serious boyfriend at the time. Mostly it was some variation of I'd get to my wedding day, and I'd known all along I didn't want to marry the guy, but I never knew how to tell him no.

So, there I would be about to walk down the aisle, and I felt sick and trapped and sad because I knew I didn't want to walk through the doors. Man! Let's do some freudian analysis on that :)

Funny enough, once I started dating my now-husband, the wedding nightmares stopped...well, when I was engaged I had wedding planning related nightmares, but none about not wanting to go through with the marriage! Phew!

Now, longest comment ever!

Miss H~ said...

I promise I won't go too freudian on your "behind." I just have one question: Are you feeling the tick-tock of your biological clock or what?? :) Just kidding. I think your dreams are fabulous and you were right to call this Shyamalan person.

kim said...

Honey, you need a baby. You and me both. I have weird baby dreams all the time. I had one where my baby was a skeleton. And the doctors told me he would hopefully grow out of it.

You just need to get preggers.

Eliza said...

I've had a kittenbaby dream! I gave birth to a kitten and it ran away across a field...I knew it would die of exposure and felt awful about it.