Thursday, December 11, 2008


So I read this article in Newsweek this week and thought it was really interesting. Tonight I heard a news anchor refer to it as 'one of the worst articles ever written'. And now I'm all fiesty.
A) like anyone could ever even know that (channelling a little kip/napoleon dynamite there)
B) I really think it was an interesting perspective.

I don't want to start a debate or ruffle any feathers about the Bible etc... but I think it's worth reading.

I remember having a conversation with Miss H in high school about the things people take literally from the Bible -like you must do this...and things that we have let fall away as 'out of date, different culture etc'.
Who is it that decides? That this line is something you need to follow but this one isn't? I don't know - I just think when people use the Bible to debate huge, important issues in today's society this is something we have to keep in mind.
In my opinion. Again, if you're feathers are ruffled smooth them out and have a cocktail on me, I'm sorry.

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Courtney said...

No ruffled feathers here, but I will send my cocktail tab your way anyway ;)

Although perhaps not the most well-written article I've ever read, (but, then, who am I to criticize someone who is getting published in Newsweek!) it was an interesting perspective and worth the read.