Monday, December 1, 2008


I spent the evening watching Gossip Girl and the Hills and doing some repair on my vintage fur coat (set to debut this weekend). I now understand why surgeons, vets etc must shave people/pets before doing any surgery. Trying to sew this rip...bleah it was like I was sewing a live animal. But a couple stitches here and some magic work on the lining (much easier) and its ship-shape. Grace was obsessed with the coat - "omg did you kill some rabbits for me alissa? why thank you! this will make a lovely spot for a nap"

If Grace saw a live rabbit six inches in front of her with an army of mice behind it - all with yarn tied to their tails and catnip sprinkled on their faces...she would roll over and go back to sleep.
Photo from tobyotter.

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Courtney said...

Too funny. And I hope that you will debut the coat here too- I'm dying to see it!