Wednesday, January 28, 2009

attention coffee shops of kansas city

Dear Mom&Pops, Starbucks, Scooters, etc...

I would like for you to open a little shop next to my office. I'll help you find the perfect location if you want. I promise to visit you everyday for a skim decaf latte. Iced in the summer. There are a lot of coffee drinkers in my office and the building provides the worst coffee on the planet in the breakrooms - so I feel like you'd do pretty well.
Let me know.

Lattes and coffee breath kisses,

1 comment:

Uncle Beefy said...

Bad coffee is just the worst...isn't it, Alissa? If I lived in KC I'd open up a Seattle-style coffeehouse for ya'! But I'd probably have cupcakes too...if you'd be okay with that? ;)

Good luck with your campaign! :)