Monday, January 26, 2009

here's a secret

I dont' like small dogs. If your dog weighs less than my cat (17 lbs) I don't like it.

No, I take that back. If your little yippy dog does not, for whatever reason, have the ability to bark - then we're cool.

I think our neighbor got a new dog. I've never seen this dog, but I can basically tell you it looks exactly like this image. with the most obnoxious bark I can ever imagine.

I'm not going to say I want this dog to die. I want this dog to move out to a farm where it can run into the fields and bark until its heart content.

And then I want a mountain lion hiding in that field to eat it.
Its the circle of life you guys, get over it.

Photo from rose_peacock.

1 comment:

Courtney said...

Oh, thank goodness, my little pup weighs 18.5... so that means we can still be friends, right? ;) And I swear, he doesn't bark much and it isn't yippy-sounding when he does.