Monday, January 12, 2009

resting places

A friend and I decided to be spontaneous on Saturday and opted for a random search for fabulous vintage clothes and a trip to the art museum. The Nelson Atkins had an installation piece by Michael Cross that we had a fabulous time playing in.

The explanation...

What do we expect from furniture? A chair provides stability and comfort, while a table is a level place to write.

British product designer Michael Cross looks at things differently. Ditching conventions, his work explores alternate ways of seeing everyday objects. In this exhibition, Cross experiments with new forms and functions that run counter to expectations. His work challenges the assumptions that floors should be flat, that electricity and water do not mix and that furniture is static.

Cross makes us think again about why things are the way they are, whether they could be otherwise and whether they should be. He invites us to explore, interact and investigate. Could a table grow like a child? Do walls hold memories?

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Courtney said...

That exhibit sounds incredible- it is one that I'd love to see!!